Cake My Day – Valentine’s Day Workshop

Client – Cake My Day, Coimbatore Social media posters for a baking workshop. Watch this space for the design process!

Veins – Mundane Object Branding

Since childhood I have always been interested in the patterns that electric transmission wires create and the way they connect. They are just everywhere! I decided to brand them Veins... Veins of the City.

Relics of Kishkinda

Hampi, located within the ruins of the Vijaynagara Empire is said to have once been the mythical land of Kishkinda. The story of the brothers, Vali and Sugreev who ruled Kishkinda has been set in JSW steel factory to emphasize on theme of power (political or financial) and the relationship shared between the rulers and the kingdom itself. These events are mentioned in the Ramayana, and have been orally passed down from generation to generation and thus might have been moulded on various occasions by different storytellers’ to suit their audiences. Looking at how history repeats itself, it was discussed upon that perhaps Vali and Sugreev still exist, in form of their qualities, and that they inhabit places that exude power, something akin to what they once wielded. Medallions have been crafted on circular discs of scrap steel collected from JSW steel factory based on this story with a few variations

Discovered Narratives : Sculpting Memories

Sculpting Memories captures spaces and objects from my present, inspired from my childhood, focusing mainly on my playtime with my siblings. Childhood memories are as varied and diverse as stars in the universe. From then to now, change has been the only constant. Even today I get pleasantly reminded of my childhood by just looking at certain objects and spaces. The medium employed to do this is photography and book binding. I have created 3 books using the same photographs and explored different techniques to evoke different emotions.


This project includes three illustrations for Sinistrophobia (fear of things to the left or left handed) and an editorial illustration. To illustrate sinistrophobia, I have used eyes as a major element.