Puppy’s Visual Merchandise

This series of 6 mixed media illustrations have been made for Puppy’s Ice cream (Madurai), during a month long internship with VIAMEDIA (Coimbatore) under the guidance of Archana Devdas. A combination of lively watercolors and bold digital elements have been used to capture the mood and taste of the wide product range. Keeping “Love in every scoop” in mind, the products were personified, along with some humor and the characters were made relatable. The over-arching theme of love, celebration and fun is strongly present in all the frames. These artworks are designed to not only tempt the customers but can also serve as a conversation starter. Typography has been used playfully and interestingly to compliment the illustrations. The color palette for each frame has been carefully and thoughtfully picked to not only make it visually appealing but to also tempt one’s taste buds.   The fluidity and versatility of watercolors makes it uniquely suited to capturing different moods. Watercolors are full of life and very colorful. It not only adds a sense of artistry to a space but also makes it feel warm and homely. As application of watercolors is a hand crafted technique, it is very personal. The frames are thus created using watercolors as a primary medium with few digital elements to […]

Mobile Phones for the Elderly

An interactive information design poster which helps provide guidance in selecting the right type of mobile phones for the older generation, considering their physical and psychological need, thereby helping them be more independent and live with dignity.

Bengali Typography

Bengali Typography features my work on vernacular typography. According to the brief, all compositions had to be black on white and using only type. For the final assignment, we had to print our typography work (colour this time) on three different products, t-shirt being compulsory.

Discovered Narratives : Sculpting Memories

Sculpting Memories captures spaces and objects from my present, inspired from my childhood, focusing mainly on my playtime with my siblings. Childhood memories are as varied and diverse as stars in the universe. From then to now, change has been the only constant. Even today I get pleasantly reminded of my childhood by just looking at certain objects and spaces. The medium employed to do this is photography and book binding. I have created 3 books using the same photographs and explored different techniques to evoke different emotions.

Layout Design

This project features work done during my 2nd year at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology for a Layout Design Course. I worked on a magazine spread, few posters on principles of Layout Design and a book cover. According to the course brief, we had to work in B/W and use only type to create these layouts.