GRAM-IN | Multi-player Board Game

Experience the adventurous and challenging lifestyle of rural adolescents through GRAM-IN. A multiplayer three-dimensional board game which is not just exciting and competitive but also familiarizes an urbanite with rural lifestyle, encouraging them to think more about the concepts of rural, urban and development. This game is inspired from a typical village of Rajasthan (Salumbar and Khedwada).

The board game can be played in a school or at home, and with or without facilitation and guidance. Minimum number of player for this game is two and maximum is four. This board game is perfect for someone above 10 years. Around 5th grade, concepts of rural, urban and development get introduced in the curriculum.

The game is designed after an in depth study of the daily routine and environment of adolescents in Khedwada and Salumbar. The process involved long meaningful conversations with the adolescents in both rural and urban areas, to understand their responsibilities, their expectations and that of others.


Keeping this in mind, the places visited by a rural adolescent in a day includes home, fields, hand pump or tank, school, open toilet, neighbourhood and market.

GRAMIN location

The day in the life of an urban adolescent girl is almost the same as the urban adolescent boy, unlike the rural. The starkly different gender roles in the rural gave another dimension to the game by having separate instructions for each gender and actually playing the game with a gender which you get by “chance” (throwing the pasa, where even number is for female and odd number is for male).




GRAMIN color palette GRAMIN components

In GRAM-IN all the players have to return back to the house from which they start the game by visiting the school first, and then the anganwadi of their village. The player to reach back home first, wins the game. The instructions and set-up of the game has been clearly explained in the rule book.


GRAMIN components 1

GRAM-IN Game Components


GRAMIN board

GRAM-IN Board Design


GRAMIN counters

Counters with the genders engraved on two sides.


GRAMIN currency note

Currency notes with facts.


GRAMIN Fate Card

Fate Cards


GRAMIN buildings template

Templates for the buildings.


GRAMIN buildings






GRAMIN box inside

Game Box with Rule Book


GRAMIN box inside 1

Game Box



GRAM-IN Board Game


GRAMIN mosque

Mosque in GRAM-IN


GRAM-IN Board Game

Board Game


GRAMIN game 2


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